What does self-care mean to you

The fun and the boring side of Self-care

What does self-care look like to you?


Take a coffee break and take care of yourself

Sometimes all you need is a warm cup of coffee

It is definitely a trending topic at the moment, and I was wondering if I should still write about it but then I realised that self-care can take on so many forms and means something different to everyone.

So here is my take on it.

I had a chat with a few moms on the Village Mammas Group and the recurring theme seems to be coffee and spoiling yourself. Which I agree, especially on the coffee part, spoiling yourself plays a big part in taking care of yourself.

The fun self-care

Taking a few minutes or hours out of your schedule to refocus and have some peace and quiet can make the worlds difference. And sometimes we have to make that appointment for getting our nails done a standing one so that we keep it! I think when we look and feel our best we somehow do better. Although the reality, especially in the early days of motherhood, is that this may come down to managing a shower for the day/week.

Pottery as a hobby for self-care

Hobbies can be a great form of self-care

One of the moms commented that she misses her hobbies, but making time for that with children in the house is a bit far-fetched. This got me thinking, maybe we need to challenge ourselves and make a date with other mom friends to get those hobbies going again. I recently took a pottery class in the evenings and getting out once a week was amazing. We are now planning a weekly get together, giving us time to catch up and focus on something completely out of our daily routine.

Fellow mom-blogger Mom Of Two Little Girls recently wrote on the self-care topic, check out her blog post on this for some really great ideas.

what about the boring self-care?

When we dig a little deeper into self-care I think it can be so much more than this, although taking care of our physical self is 100% important and should take priority in our lives.

But this blog on Thought Catalog popped onto my newsfeed a while ago and really got me thinking and moving in a different way.

What if self-care means so much more than taking care of the physical. I realised for me, that meant getting organised again. I am by nature an organised person but seem to have lost that in the craziness of motherhood. I found myself not getting anything done and at the same time overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done.

So I am getting organised

For me, self-care in the last few weeks have meant getting systems in place so I can find my organised self again.

Weekly planning is my self-care

Taking time to plan each week keeps me focused

I created our family command centre (read more about that here) and take a few minutes on a Sunday evening to plan my week including meals and main goals for every day. Everything goes into my diary and main points go on the wall in the kitchen.

The last few weeks I have gotten so much more done than in probably the year before!

Sticking to this form of self-care will stay priority in my life for sure


What do you need to focus on?

Take a few minutes, grab that cup of coffee and make a list of what you need to do to take care of you. And then…

Make that salon appointment

Plan that DIY project

Have that coffee

Take that shower

Whatever you need Mommy. Fill your cup so you can pour your heart out to the ones you love.

Let me know in the comments below what self-care looks like, or needs to look like to you




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